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tv   Sanjay Gupta MD  CNN  February 12, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EST

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welcome back. we have live pictures from cairo we could like to show you where it's half past the hour in tahrir square. the crowds continue to gather. this is day 19, if you are counting. the big number is this, the number one. hosni mubarak is out of power replaced by a supreme military council. they announced their intentions in a series of communicated. the people in the streets don't feel like they have gotten a military junta, they feel they have fought for and got their freedom. >> when you think about how it all happened when mubarak resigned and officially stepped
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down. from what i understand, there were some protesters who fainted. others, they believe, had heart attacks. this is the impact it had on these people. others, other egyptians said they felt this was the first day they were born. that is what it had been like living under mubarak's rule. who is running the country now? it's not clear. hosni mubarak ruled for nearly 30 years until a few days ago under pressure from these people. he created the post of vice president and named his long time intelligence chief omar suleiman to the role. he remains to be seen. it's hard to dismiss how he steered the country in the final days of the mubarak regime. we take a hard look at egypt's political pivot. >> reporter: he's the man who broke the news to egyptians that
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their lives were forever changed. >> translator: president hosni mubarak has decided to step down as president of egypt. >> reporter: as a hastily appointed vice president, omar sul man was appointed vice president. his role is unclear. he, too, may be getting phased out. despite concessions, his association with mubarak is simply too close. >> he comes from the same world. they are dictators. they are people with no political experience. they have the politics of command. they have never been in the streets. >> reporter: his roots are in the military. he was head of the intelligence service which is feared among the egyptians. >> has he had a hand in the atrociti atrocities? >> he's the head of
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intelligence. for the tricks of the regime, the head of intelligence is doing it all. this is the man at the center. >> reporter: analysts say there's a flip side to omar suleiman. >> he's been the main negotiator between hamas and the palestinian national authority. he certainly has been the one who worked with the israelis over terrorism. >> reporter: the solid picture we are getting from omar suleiman is that he may not have been the best person to lead egypt through the crisis, but there may not have been other alternatives. no one thinks he's a nice guy. key leaders from the u.s. were comfortable with him because of their past dealings with him. he was trusted by a large segment of the egyptians.
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>> omar suleiman, mubarak came from the military. this morning, the governor of egypt is back in the hands of the military. what's changed? who is in charge? let's talk to the author of changing policies of arab states. we know that all these men wear uniforms. beyond that, how much do we know about them and where they plan to lead the country? >> caller: which are you talking about? >> the supreme council of the armed forces which now governs egypt. >> caller: okay. the council is headed by the defense. he's 75 years old. then you have below him the chief of staff who is much
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younger, about 63 years old. he has lots of contact with the u.s. when the problem started, he was in the u.s. and was summoned back quickly. we don't know much about what they are up to. the army -- [ inaudible ] for the last six years. now, it is in the country. i think they are making up their mind for the defense team and not only the civilians, but with the young people still in the street. >> how quickly do you think the military will take action? what are your thoughts on will they dissolve parliament if we
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don't have the elections anytime soon? >> caller: i think these are the good questions. they say they are going to just represent the will of the people. they are going to be transition. how long will the transition be? how will it be governed? how many civilians will cooperate with them. what is the agenda and the priority on the agenda? all these questions, i think, are now discussed. we are waiting for statement number four from the military which is supposed to answer some, at least, of these questions. >> should we trust any statement from the military? the people in tahrir square do. they are expecting the military will give them, the people of egypt power. the military ceased power in 1952 and never gave it up.
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are they going to give it up now, do you think? >> caller: you are really touching on my word. trust in the army takeover. this time, it is not appointed. in 1952, the military finished it. this time, there were [ inaudible ] it is rather different. number two, i think there is a lot of pressure from civil society. they can come back at anytime. the outside world is -- this shouldn't just turn into a military leadership. these factors i'm hopeful that the condition stage would not be
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determined. >> why do you think mubarak changed his mind after saying he wasn't going to resign, then did resign? how much do you think the military did that. was he pushed by the military, do you think? >> caller: i think the idea that the military pushed to him because this was the only way to stabilize the situation. >> thanks so much for talking with us. >> caller: thank you. the winds of change are felt across the middle east. one country is watching closely. iran supported them to an extent. it wasn't long they ended protest in their own country. the fears of not effect when we come back. [ male announcer ] nature is unique...
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welcome back, everyone. we are continuing to bring you live pictures from tahrir square in cairo. you can see the flags are still
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wagging. thousands of people there. the protesters are saying that until the people's assembly steps down, until the emergency rule is removed and we have a civilian government is what they are saying, they will keep protesting until their demands are fully met. >> this is a country with 6,000 years of history where people are tasting something for the first time, people power. they have pushed out their long-ruling dictator. they expect they will be fully in charge when it comes time to choose egypt's next leader. if you missed yesterday's excitement. hosni mubarak is in a vacation resort. a military supreme council says it is in charge and will lead the country toward democracy. most of the protesters we have heard from said that's fine with them. the military should have a central role. they want to see reform and
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democracy and they want a chance to choose the next leader of their country. >> it is really a new dawn in egypt. a lot of people waking up this morning saying egypt i have truly missed you. one of the key faces of the revolution saying i have missed you for the past 30 years. it's been so interesting for all of us to watch it with you for the last 18 days. we want to look back at how we got here. >> the demonstrators seem to have one basic demand. they are demanding the oust of egyptian president hosni mubarak who has been in power since 1981. >> the army has come out into the streets. this is an army personnel carrier full of army soldiers. this is the first time we have seen the army has become involved. the army has stayed out of civil
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disturbances since 1985. >> reporter: everyone here wants to speak to us. everyone. everyone has an opinion. as you can see, people would like to push to get their voices out. despite that, it is quite relaxed and quite friendly. the demonstrations getting much closer to one of the army posts. the gunfire we can hear rocketed through the air. the demonstrators say it's the army firing to warn them to stay away. it's long after curfew now. if the government was controlling the situation, trace of fireflying in the air. these people wouldn't be on the streets if the government was in control. >> reporter: there's no question after days and nights of protests here in tahrir square, this is the biggest gathering we have seen yet. >> reporter: let me set the
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scene for you here. the egyptian regime is behind me. it's the ground zero of the pro-mubarak and anti-mubarak forces. i have been hit now like ten times. >> reporter: walk, walk. okay. okay. this is a little chaotic. i have someone helping me out here. this is the scene. >> reporter: people on horseback charging in. >> reporter: first there was the day of rage, then the 1 million egyptian march. today is the day of departure or
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farewell will egyptians say farewell to their president of 30 years, president hosni mubarak. >> reporter: it is one of a group of young egyptian activists who helped organizize the first several protests here. he was released monday after spending a week and a half in solitary confinement. >> translator: i'm not a hero. i slept for 12 days. the heroes were in the streets. the heroes were the ones who went to the demonstrations. they were the ones that sacrificed their lives. >> reporter: i got off the phone with a senior egyptian official say tlg's a lot of speculation going on at the moment. the decision to force president mubarak to resign is his and his alone. >> i said that i would delegate powers to the vice president according to the constitution. >> these are angry people because of the egyptian leader, hosni mubarak. he did not say he's stepping
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down. >> reporter: i have a couple folks with me. you speak english as well? what did you think of this? >> mubarak hang over. >> you'll keep it up? >> of course. look at all these people. no one is going home. no one is going home. we are in this until the end. even if it means we are going to die. people died for this. all of us are prepared to die for this. >> translator: i, president hosni mubarak, has decided to step down as president of egypt. >> reporter: moments ago the crowd exploded into cheering and flag waving and chanting the words freedom. >> incredible to watch how it all unfolded. for all of our reporters on the ground, the crews on the ground, they had special moments, getting jostled by the protesters. things continue to improve there, even at this hour.
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we are learning the military reduced the curfew hours from midnight to 6:00 a.m. and also the stock market is expected to resume on wednesday. >> mubarak, game over, as we heard. our coverage of the revolution in egypt continues after this. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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welcome back. about ten minutes before the hour. it is an historic day in egypt. we're glad you're with us to witness all of this. along with us. it's a different mood in cairo's main square. people are gathering there again but there not to protest but to celebrate and sight see. >> have a look at the scene last night and you'll see celebration. thousands crowding into tahrir square to mark the end of the mubarak regime. president hosni mubarak is now out of office. he's not out of egypt, though
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but in the red sea resort city of sharm el sheikh. the french government is moving to freeze any assets in swiss banks that might belong to him. reportedly has millions salted away. his family's money frozen. the military responsible for set sth new direction toward true democracy but the role opens up new questions about diplomacy. senior cnn state department producer joins me now from washington. elise, good morning. who does the u.s. deal with now? who do they talk to? i understand communication has been a bit difficult. >> that's right. that's the whole question. they're not sure who they're going to be dealing with. they know the players on the military supreme council but don't know who the point people will be. communications over the last 48 hours really with the egyptians have been kind of blocked because the egyptians have kind of been preoccupied. but basically officials are
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telling me the egyptians really need to clarify who is in charge of this government, the people that they're going to be dealing with. obviously, the u.s. will be looking for the egyptian military to be making specific steps such as lifting that emergency law, including some more people in the political process and also some constitutional reforms. but immediately, as the military takes over and starts ruling the country, the u.s. knows who the players are. doesn't know exactly who they're going to be dealing with. >> what is the relationship like between the united states and the leaders of the egyptian military? the u.s. gives them more than a billion dollars in aid but do they have any relationship at all? >> actually, the relationship is a pretty good one obviously because of the aid but also many members of the egyptian military have trained here in the united states. there's a very big military-to-military relationship between the u.s. and egypt. so these contacts are very important. if you see in the last 24 hours u.s. ambassador margaret scobie
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has been on the ground dealing with people in the foreign ministry and stuff but if you see who the real point person now is in the u.s. government it's defense secretary gates and admiral mike mullen because these are the people that have the contacts with the head of -- the commander of the armed forces, moham forces. those military contacts in the next weeks ahead are going to be very important in terms of reaching out to the egyptian military. >> elise labott live in washington, d.c. the generals and the diplomats may be talking. everybody else is tweeting. social media played a really big role in the revolution. will it be a model for other countries as well? we'll take a look. i got into one of the best schools in the country!
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and glad you're with us. social media may have been what
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helped bring protesters in egypt together, but that don't mean they've signed off now that mubarak is gone. >> not at all. joining us jessica ik yica yel. he's a household name for those following all of this. an activist and people calling him a hero and still tweeting. what's he saying? >> one of the most recept he said, good morning, egypt. i truly missed you in the past 30 years and also has this facebook page. this is the facebook page that he created. 735,000 followers are on this page right now and some of the most recent comments he's saying is, may god bless the martyrs of the revolution. they are the revolution's real heroes and only today their rights has returned to them. and also updated the profile picture on this page and it's the military spokesman that stood at attention yesterday on the air saluting the victims of this online revolution. and then wael ghonim posted this
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him and his friends doing the same thing. the other about khaleed said, the egyptian blogger killed last year that wanted to search him under the emergency law. that's the reason they created this facebook page and the reason for this online revolution and say today he will be remembered. he will be immortal. some of the other comments are about the clean-up effort. sand monkey is a blogger we've been following. he's posting images showing the clean-up efforts. he says, everybody is out there. they're still excited and joining in on the clean-up. now, we've been following this at a global perspective as well. millions of people are following egypt. and this is a trends map that shows you how many people and where they are around the world tweeting about egypt. desmond tutu tweeted today,


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